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The first NFC super market in the world is opened now in Paris


 The first NFC super market in the world is opened now in Paris


 Few months ago, the first NFC supermarket was opened in Paris. this is the first NFC supermarket in the world.


When the buyers come in supermarket and choose their goods by mobile phone,  they can only put the mobile phone close to the products tags or scan the products QR codes, all of the products information ( price, production date, using materials......) can be appeared on the phone. it is the best way to make decision for the buyers after they got the clear information about the products.


NFC shopping, it is new shopping method in near future,and better for buyers shopping checkout and avoid any mistakes by cashier.


Now many smart mobile phones can support the NFC technology. it is sure, the NFC shops and supermarkets will be opened in all around the world.NFC supermarket

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