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Hotel Room Cards Management    

SCC RFID Hotel Management System

With the development of technology, expecially with RFID products as a representation which under the rapid development of IOT technology. The hotel industry has ushered in a new development opportunity.
RFID is one kind of automatic indentification technology that with long reading distance, penetrable reading, multiple reading at the same time. On the basis of characteristics of RFID technology to create a modern smart hotel that not only provide consumers with thoughtful、convenient、comfortable、excellent service and satisfy the consumers with “personalized service, informationalized service”, but also bring economic& social benefits and achieve win-win between hotels and consumers.

SCC RFID Hotel Management System

scc is striving to build an intelligentized hotel management system by providing a series of informationlized service like building smart management system、supplying access room cards, elevator intelligent control and customers smart guidance in order to bring consumers in a sweet、convenient、comfortable living environment.

SCC Core Advantage

At present, most hotels management system is assigned by door lock supplier who provide them corresponding door lock, RFID room cards and issuing cards software. The lock supplier encrypt on card issuance system which cause the hotel owner can’t purchase their required RFID room cards from other channels. Thus, door lock system suppliers can get a continuous monopoly benefits.
SCC is utilizing unique RFID technology to develop a RFID room cards solution which can be matching to those world-known lock supplier like Vingcard, Salto, Betech, Beline and so on. We use the same RFID chip as their original lock which can completely match their issuing cards system. The hotel no need to change any equipment or software, only do encryption and coding if it is needed.
The hotel owner can use our service to bring huge economic benefits which can save approximate 50% off your currect cost.
We are willing to provde free samples for your testing.

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