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Animal Foot Ring Tag

Animal foot ring tag is for poultry management, it can be used on pigeons, chicken, hens, ducks and gooses. Some of people are using it for pigeons’ race. It can be widely applied in all the field of information management for animals and livestock, such as breeding population, epidemic prevention and quarantine control. Animal foot ring tag is designed as an open loop style tag to wear on pigeon’s foot so as to identify and store the pigeon information for easy management. With a seal chip inside the tag, the RFID ring for pigeon can provide an automatic tracking solution for simple pigeon management. The Animal foot ring tag, with storage of the data, can be scanned by RFID Reader within the read range from 3 cm to 20 cm. Thus, it avoids human error and provides a perfect solution in pigeon tracking and pigeon racing event.

Product Details

Frequency:125KHz ,134.2KHz Size:11*12mm(inner diameter 8.5mm),customized
Chip type:TK4100.Hitag S256
Working mode:read only
Read distance:read(0-~20cm)
Color:Can be customized
Data retention:10(years)
Printing:Laser number, Logo Printing,Embossing number,QR Code, Barcode
Operating temperature:-20℃~+70℃
Store temperature:-25℃~+80℃ Feature:Waterproof, durable, artistic, fashional

Application: Tracking and identification management of poultry industry, such as chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry.Mainly to provide animal and food traceability.
Disease control for the farming, rancing,feedlot
Animal food source animals tracking and management
When installation, the direct card is used on the feet of poultry, can be used normally. Our Advantages:
1.Factory price
2.Premium quality
3.Short leading time
4.variety of chips
5.Customized service

The Animal foot ring tag can be customized to support international standards such as ISO 11784, ISO 11785 or ISO 15693 protocols. And constructing of ABS material, this mini RFID tag can be used in water and outdoor environment. Therefore, it can be applicable to many countries and harsh conditions, making it more practical. Optional with different colors black, blue or red, the animal foot ring tag can meet your different management requirements. Also, it is an ideal selection for poultry management, such as ducks, pigeons, chicken and other for poultry management.

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