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One-Time Use Nylon Ties

UHF cable tie tag has a long reading distance, which is perfectly suitable for large warehouse management. For example, with a UHF cable tie tag and a UHF handheld reader, the reading distance could achieve 3 meters or further. Besides, UHF’character of anti-collision makes it much easier in practical operating. Several tags could be detected by the reader in one time, so that we do not have to detect the tags one by one, which saves a lot of time. High quality recyclable Nylon material extend its servies life. Customized size and color also accept. Widely used on television, computer and so on. They not only are used for fixing internal connecting wire, lighting, electrical, electronic toys, mechanical equipment, oil pipe fixed on ship cable line solid, bicycle vehicle packaging or bind other objects, but also can be used for agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and binding items.

Product Details

Description: Material:ABS + Nylon
Dimension:45CM (Customized size is available)
Slot Size/Flag Size: 90*28mm
Bundle Length (Max) : 35cm
Color:Blue or customized
RF Protocol:ISO 14443A, EPC/ISO18000-6C
Reading Distance: 2cm-5m
Break Strength:F≥800N
Humidity Environment:Suitable for indoor and outdoor use dirt, dust, and water resistant
Available crafts:Silkscreen printing, series number, barcode, laser engraving
Chip Available: HF/UHF

Application: 1.Access management
2.Tracking goods
3.Tracking of persons and animals
4.Toll collection and contactless payment
6.Smart dust(form assively distributed sensor networks)
7.Airport baggage tracking logistics
And RFID Cable tie tag can also be widely applied in warehouse management, pallet, in-land transportation, cash bags, postal bags and case tagging.

The cable tie contains a ‘pocket’ which can be loaded with either a low frequency or high frequency RFID Glass Tag for use with test, inspection and maintenance software. It is ideal for fast and effective identification if you operate lifting, cable management, hose management or rigging services, and are looking to identify pipes, cables or hoses that are bound by regulation.

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