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Ceramic Tag CT01

Ceramic tag provides our customer with a wide variety of tagging options. Encased in a variety plastics of different form factor results in a very reliable tag with a very tough ceramic core. The tag can be embedded in metal and will withstand repeated autoclave cycles. It is designed to meet FDA requirements, is ATEX certified, and is an ideal solution for tracking small tools.Such as scalpel,Bearing,auto spare parts,etc. It is biocompatible to ensure safety in medical applications and have been tested to survive high heat in repeated autoclave cycles and industrial chemical washes that normally complicate the application of RFID devices.

Product Details

Description: Material:ceramic Size:10*10*3MM,13*9*3MM,16*16*3MM,21*17*3MM,,25*9*3MM,25*25*3MM,30*30*3MM,etc.
Frequency:UHF 860-960MHZ
Reading range: 4m (Handheld) & 12m (Fixed ) for UHF — [It depends on actual application environment and reader]
Memory:EPC: 96 bits, User Memory 512bit
Protocol:ISO18000-6C,EPC Class1 Gen2 Operating Temperature:-25 ℃~ 85℃


– Container management
– Device Management
– Asset management
– Transport Tracking
– Energy Industry
– Cable identification
– Manufacturing and Logistics
– Interior with metal housings of office equipment and facilities management
– Key fobs for automobile immobilization systems Typical Features:
– Product smooth surface, the chip package is protruding;
– Product moderate read range;
– Products can be embedded in the metal surface

UHF Ceramic Tags are ideal for small assets such as tools, laboratory devices and IT assets with little tagging space.The durable tags can be attached to or embedded in metal assets and offer excellent read performance in very small packages. This tag is designed on ceramic base material, solving the problem that tag can’t work on the metal asset and work continuously in rugged environment.It can widely used in assets statistics management,gas container management,small equipment management, industrial manufacturing, etc
It offers market leading read range,consistency and reliability in outdoor and industrial applications.

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