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Washable Woven Fabric Flexible Laundry Tag

UHF RFID Fabric Laundry tags are designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry and uniform management in hotel and hospital environments. For institutions that require a constant flow of clean linen, uniforms, work wear, medical garments, or janitorial supplies.Our laundry RFID tags enable uniform companies, hospitality organizations, commercial cleaners, and medical facilities to automatically track clothing, linens, rags and other assets for accurate, efficient inventory management and accounting practices. The UHF RFID Fabric Laundry tag can be easily fitted onto textile products using a standard sewing process, and can be sewn into a garment. The UHF RFID Laundry tag will stand up to washing, dry cleaning and high temperature sterilisation.

Product Details

Description: Protocol:EPC CLASS1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C Work frequency:840—960MHZ
Memory capacity:EPC 128bit, User 32bits, password 32 bits, TID 96 bits
Work mode:Read/Write
Storage time:>10years
Material:Soft textile
Read range:>2meters(depend on reader and working environment)
Unit Dimension:70*15*1.45mm (customized size optional)
Working Tem.:-25℃~+70℃
Ironing Tem.(press 4bar):85℃with 60 minutes, 120℃ with 10minutes, 150℃ with 4 minutes, 180℃ with 10 seconds

– Industrial washing
– linen rental and washing
– Fabrics and garment processing management
– Hospital textile washing management,medical staff and patient management
– For school uniforms,clothing factories,and related personnel management
– For Army clothing and apparel management
– Required pressure,rub resistance,water-resistant various applications
Our tags are high performance in commercial laundry applications in all standard frequencies.

When you are looking for a flexible fabric tag that can manage repeated washings and ironing for items such as garments, military uniforms, protective gear and parachutes, this is the tag you want.
Our tags are high performance in commercial laundry applications in all standard frequencies.
The tags withstand compression, exposure to detergents and chemicals, and the high temperature requirements of laundry and sterilization processes. They are especially suitable for clothing and linen industrial washing, which can withstand industrial washing resistance for more than 200 times .

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