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Silicon Wristband SW-17

RFID wristband is the use of radio frequency identification technology wristband, inserting a chip into the ordinary one with radio frequency reader,which is able to read the chip information at a long range.If the staff information stored in the chip first,rfid wristband can play the role of personnel identification.They are comfortable,which are equipped with a slider for a one-size-fits-all capability .Widely used in festivals, events, concerts, parties, conferences etc. Our RFID wristbands are ideal for access control, event management, cashless payments, and social media marketing programs,etc. The optional crafts are Custom LOGO printing, multi designs, QR code, barcode, serial number printing all accepted for RFID woven wristband. We can also offer pre-programmed, reading UID etc for RFID wristband.

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