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Sewing Fabric Woven Brand Labels

Washing company Hotel, hospital, baths and professional faces have to deal with tens of thousands of pieces of work clothes and linens every transfer, washing, ironing, sorting, storage and other processes, how to effectively track the management of every piece of linen in the washing process, washing times, inventory status and effective classification of linen is a great challenge The introduction of RFID radio frequency identification technology, will make the washing management users become more transparent, and improve work efficiency, to solve the previous cannot pass through other technology can realize the management of chronic disease, such as: large quantities of washing linen, handover statistics.

Product Details

size:75x37mm or customized
Frequency:860Mhz-960Mhz (or 13.56Mhz)
Protocol:EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
Chip:Alien Higgs3 or other
Memory:96 Bit EPC /512 Bit User
Read distance:up to 10M
Other: Package in roll
Can be printed with RFID printer

it is widely use for Apparel Tag, Laundry Management, Uniform identity, Logistic system for Retail of Garment etc application
• High temperature resistant
• High performance reading range
• Available in high-yield volume with stable process
• Water proof, pressure resistance and alkali resistance

RFID Washable Label/ Cloth Laundry Tag is a flexible, washable label for laundry applications with best cost efficiency. And it use for Apparel Tag, Laundry Management, Uniform identity, Logistic system for Retail of Garment etc application.
It encapsulate UHF 860-960MHz, Passive RFID inlay and read range up to 3-10Meter, the exactly read range was depend on your UHF reader and antenna. Washable and writable uhf rfid tags adopts woven cloth material as surface so that it can be woven on the cloth directly. And it is printable for different information on the surface. This label is widely used for RFID garment retail solution now.

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