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Wet inlay / Dry inlay

RFID inlays can be either “wet” or “dry” ,Wet inlays are inlays that have an adhesive backing with a clear or colored topsurface of PVC,PET or paper, the PVC or PET wet inlays are commonly used to make “RFID Labels” where the inlay is placed on the back of the label with the adhesive side away from the label side so that the label has continuous adhesive.     PLacement of the wet inlay on the label is very specific to each RFID printer in order to be programmed correctly by the printer and also to minimize the risk of damaging the RFID inlay while in the printer. Dry inlays are inlays that are attached to the substrate backing material commonly called the web.

rfid wet inlay rfid dry inlay
RFID wet inlay RFID dry inlay /

Operating Frequency: 
HF 13.56MHz, UHF GLOBAL 860MHz-960MHz
ISO14443, ISO15693 ,ISO 18000
Material: PVC, PET
dia.50mm,45*45mm, dia.45mm,40*25mm,,35*35mm
Thickness: 0.10 – 0.15mm ,
HF: AL Etching, Ultrasonic Embedding;
UHF: AL Etching
HF: FLIP chip,MOA2,
UHF: Flip chip
Working temperature: -25 ~ +55
Store temperature: -25 ~ +65

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