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What is RFID Tags Tracking?

RFID Tags Tracking is an innovative and effective solution for tracking and managing assets using the lates RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. RFID Tags Tracking allows us to keep track of valuable assets, monitor their movement and allows you to locate them quickly, thereby maximising their utilisation.
How the RFID Tags Tracking work? 
Assets are fitted with or without powered active RFID tag which emit a periodic signal. An RFID reader/antenna is connected to the master zone within the vehicle allowing active tags to be read as they pass in and out of this zone. When the RFID Tags are seen by the reader, information about its identity is passed to the master tracking MCU. This information is sent back in realtime and is immediately available on the master website.

RFID Tags Tracking Benefits as following:
Alerting and reporting is customised to aid management of assets
Confirm the last known location of your assets
Allows optimisation of asset utilisation
Visibility: accurately manage assets
Reduced paperwork as items are logged automatically
Quickly locate necessary equipment for a job/task
Proof of delivery/collection with full audit trail
Security: reduce plant/equipment theft or loss
Historical data relating to tag movements available to solve discrepancies
Using theRFID Tags feature we can quickly locate the closest available tools/equipment to where they are needed. Reporting and Alerts. RFID Tags Tracking allows us to manage our assets effectively, flagging discrepancies where management action needs to be taken. For example where equipment has been inadvertently left on a work site, an alert allows proactive measures to be taken to collect or recover the asset swiftly without delay. The same applies to assets that are moved out of working hours for added security. A range of custom reports are available allowing easy comparison of planned vs actual events.
Tag-Track is also fully compatible with Masternaut Visulive screens, enabling alerts and key information to be displayed for maximum impact.
    RFID Tags Tracking is a flexible solution and offers effective management of assets for a variety of industry applications. Where assets are being moved, delivered, used and then picked up on a regular basis Tag-Track provides visibility and a record of movements to cut down on accidental loss or theft.
Following are some examples where RFID Tags Tracking effective:
Highways Maintenance
TV, Film and Events; audio/visual and lighting rigs
Tags can also be carried by a person (e.g. automatic register of children on and off a School bus).
Hire (fitted to any assets e.g. tools or porta-loos)
Cable (and Drum) Management
High value commercial sports, parks and leisure equipment
Building Maintenance

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