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Animal Ear Tag Round

An RFID ear tag is a plastic or metal object used for identification of domestic livestock and other animals(such as sheep,cow,pigs,cattle etc). If the ear tag uses Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology it is referred to as an electronic rfid ear tag. Electronic rfid ear tags conform to international standards ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 working at 134.2 kHz, as well as ISO/IEC 18000-6C operating in the UHF spectrum. There are other non-standard systems such as Destron working at 125 kHz. There may be requirements for the placement of ear tags, and care must be taken to ensure they are not placed too close to the edge of the ear pinnae; which may leave the tag vulnerable to being ripped out accidentally.

Product Details

Description: Material:TPU, PE, PET, PU, ABS, etc Size:40*50mm, 41*45/44mm,58*72mm, 57*59mm, 77*58mm, 5.2*1.8cm, dia28mm, 87*73*3mm, 114*77mm, 100*72mm, etc
Color:Yellow, pink, grey or customized
Frequency:125KHz(LH), 13.56MHz(HF), 860-960MHz(UHF)
Chip Available:LF chip: TK4100, EM4102, EM4200, T5577, etc
HF chip: FM11RF08, classic S50, classic S70, etc
UHF chip: G2il, ALIEN H3, IMPINJ M4, etc
Reading Distance:0.2-7m, depending on reader and chips
Customized:Laser printed logo, barcode, or QR code etc.
Working temperature:-20℃ +60℃
Store temperature:-30℃ +80℃

Application: Ear tag can be used in large or medium size livestock or animals, such as pig, cow, lamb, horse, deer, dog and so on. It can be widely applied in all the field of information management for animals and livestock, such as breeding population, epidemic prevention and quarantine control.
Protocol:ISO11784/85, ISO14443A , ISO15693, ISO18000-6C, EPC GEN2 Different sizes and colors are available for selection.
Can be used on sheep, cattle, pigs, rabbit etc.
Customize logos can be printed.

With RFID technology developed animal identification and traceability system, mainly for animal breeding, transportation, slaughter track monitoring. When an outbreak occurs,it can be back to animal breeding process. The health sector can through the system for possible infection disease with trace of animals, to determine its ownership and historical traces. At the same time, the system provides immediate, detailed and reliable data on animals slaughtered from birth. Without some form of identification, it would be impossible to manage the records of each animal, especially when entire herds are raised by one person or family.

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