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RFID Coin Tag

RFID Coin Tag is a multipurpose, easy implementing, transmutable RFID product, as PFID had widely used for identification, payment managment purpose for peoples,RFID also had abundantly applied in industries, to track or identify objects with integrated technology. ABS Disc tag is very robust and perfect for harsh environments like industry and logistics. ABS Disc Tag is a circular coin-sized and robust RFID Disc Tag in ABS that is suitable for outdoor usages.With a hole in the middle and adhesive layer, this tag provides more mounting options for different applications.

Product Details

ABS Disc Tag
The widely used disc tag products in either ABS or alternatively PC/PVC material.
Key application
Patrol system
Tracking goods
Mass transportation ticketing,

Waterproof, Dustproof.
Operating temperature: -20℃ to +50℃
Available IC’s 125KHz, 13,56MHz, 860-960Mhz

Printing options:
Silkscreen print
Inkjet print number
Laser print number

PVC coin Tag, Transparent Disc tag

Material: PVC, Transparent PVC
Size: D15,D20,D23,D25,D30,D35,D50
Operating temperature: -20 to +50

Adhesive is available
Available IC’s 125KHz, 13,56MHz
Printing options
Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing.
Laser Numbering, Inkjet print Numbering.

Diameter: 17mm   Thickness: 3.5mm

Diameter: 22mm   Thickness: 2mm

Diameter: 25mm   Thickness: 4mm

Diameter: 30mm   Thickness: 3mm

Diameter: 30mm   Thickness: 2mm

Diameter: 30mm   Thickness: 4mm

Diameter: 35mm   Thickness: 4mm

Diameter: 50mm   Thickness: 2mm

Diameter: 50mm   Thickness: 5mm




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