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Expoxy Key Tag

The Epoxy durable tag designed to resists moisture, oils, petroleum and will tolerate mechanical vibration and shock. Reliable tag for demanding applications such as repeated autoclaving in medical applications, and plastic injection molding processes for permanent embedding into industrial components, equipment or containers. The Epoxy tag allow data to be read and written from several meters when mounted to any wood or plastic asset, such as containers. The housing can be securely attached with industrial adhesives or screwed into place via pre-drilled holes. An Epoxy Card tags is the most fashionable and popular technology in the RFID SMART world. The base material are PVC/PET/ABS, aluminium/cooper antenna, Plus different chips, and with beautiful epoxy on. Epoxy can be one side with epoxy or two side.It can be stuck on somewhere, being like a strap, but with the latest RFID technology. Smart, Easier, Fashion, and make your life easier.

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