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RFID Tire Tag

RFID Tire Tag use for tire identification and tire tracking The dimensions of this initial tire ID card, something like a tire repair patch. Once inserted (or patch) into a tire, the tire will have a unique identification number in the world. The RFID tire tag is robust can stand high crash and pressure during the tire running in the vehicle. The tire with this tag can be tracked via a handhold reading device or fixed reader. Any reader compatible with EPC G2 ISO186000-C protocol can work great with the tag. The tag has the user memory which can be written with some other information such as production time, batch, reseller, retreading etc. Any information of the tire will be recorded and store in the database for track the tire production and using record in the whole life of the tire.

Product Details

Material: Rubber
Dimensions: 108 x25x2mm
Working temperature: -40°C~230°C
Protocol: EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C)
Chip:Alien Higgs-3
EPC memory: 96 bits, max 480 bits
User memory:512 bits
Read range:0-6m(depend on the reader power)
Environmental: ROHS compliant
Data storage:>10 years
Re-write: 100,000 times

Application: – Store information like vehicle ID,tire maintenance condition, etc.
– Tire theft control
– Tire inventory control The RFID tag has been developed to be embedded within the tire, where it will last the lifetime of the tire. It is designed to track finished tire, such as bus tire,truck tire, trailer tire, etc
2.The tag provides a unique identification number which can be tracked to prevent tire theft and cloning, in addition to the conventional asset tracking benefits inherent to RFID.

1. UHF RFID Tire tag,accord with EPC Class1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C
2. The tag survives the high temperatures encountered in the tire retreading process and is sturdy enough to remain operational throughout the operating life of the tire.
3. The tag has finished thousands of kilometers actual road test, did not lead to potential tire defects.

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