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About SCC

Established in 2007, Smartcardchn Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company which is mainly engaged in providing good quality and reliable RFID products to foreign clients. Our head office is located in Putian, the hometown of Mazu goddess. And our production line and research center are situated in Shenzhen, China. Smartcardchn is one of the earliest company which export RFID products. We have 10 years experience on exporting and won a good reputation in the RFID industry.


We have been engaged in working on the research, production and exporting of RFID smart card at beginning. With morethan 10 years of development and continuous innovation, our product has been expanded such as RFID cards,RFID tags,RFID label,RFID stickers, Dry or wet Inlay, RFID Prelam sheets, wristbands, RFID Semi-products, and special tags like metal tags, screw tags, laundry tags, bullet tags, coin tags and so on.


Currently the application of our RFID products is applied not only access control system, RFID reading system, public transportation system but also the library management, automobile manufacturing, logistics, security, identification and anti-counterfeiting of luxury, warehouse and supermarket automatic charging, hospital management, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. Our products are delivered to more than 30 countries and areas all over the world.


Innovation is endless. So we are not only keen to the latest and top technology of Western but also to inherit the spirit of Chinese Craftsman. Recently, we are working with our customers on the research and development of new LEDshiny tags, library identification tags, new ceramic anti-tamper tags for vehicle fuel tank, wine and jewelry tags etc.


Let our life more smart and convenient. Smartcardchn Co.,Ltd is devoted to reducing costs and creating value for our customers,so we are developing more innovative and better quality smart products and providing a mature RFID product solution systems to our customers.




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  • 1102 room, Sanhe Building, No 2276 North Xueyuan road,Putian,Fujian P.R, China
  • 0086-594-2618178
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  • marketing@smartcardchn.com
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