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pet id tags

Healthy, simple tricks for dogs For some perfectly balanced dogs, a normal diet of a good quality dry dog food will suffice,  and hold up a shiny coat, strong bones, and take them for a long life.  However, the majority of dogs could use some supplements and vitamins.

Product Details


1. Material: zinc alloy (other material available: brass, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, soft pvc)

2. Size:(custom size available)

3. Plating color: silver (others: gold, antique brass, antique nickel, Nickel free)

4. OEM design is welcome, many existing mold avaialbe.

product process:

1)mold making, to make your design on the mold surface,

2) injection, material injected into the mold

3) elimination, on completion of injection, unwanted material is eliminated to reveal the completed design

4) polishing by hand, to make the products smooth

5) plating, various plating color can be processed, usually gold or silver and other anti color

6) coloring, colors filled in by hand with injection.

7) clearance of the unwanted color

8) inspection & packing, all items are strictly inspected before packing.

Choosing the right puppy
To choose a healthy pup, you need to give a thorough physical examination of the pup.
At a glance, the pup should be active and clean with good mobility.
Check the eyes and facial features for any abnormalities
There shouldn’t be any discharges from the eyes, nose, mouth or ears as this signifies illness.
The pup’s nostrils and muzzle must be clean and not smell.
Its lips should be pigmented and clean.

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