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UHF Metal Tags

The tag is located at both ends of the hole, can be fixed in the application of goods, because it can be used in any medium, so the application is very extensive, as we can manage the country's trash, because the trash loaded material types And in different places, the material of the trash can also be different, so in view of this condition, the use of long and short labels is very suitable for each garbage bin with this electronic label for the garbage storage vehicle installed on the GPS , The garbage storage truck to the corresponding location of the operation, the electronic label and garbage storage and transportation on the "credit card device" induction, in the management of the management platform on the electronic map can show the relevant operations, through similar " Internet of things, "the digital management, the formation of integrated sanitation digital management network, which can effectively solve the garbage does not work on time and a series of problems.

Product Details

Waterproof, Dustproof: IP67
Material: ABS
Operating frequency: 860-960MHz
Chip: Alien Higgs-3 (Option: Alien Higgs-4/Monza 4D/Monza 4E/Monza 4QT)
Available reading distance: up to 15 meters, depend on your reader
Available operation life: ≥10years
Working temperature range: -25C to 85C
Mounting: Fixed with screw or label adhesive

The UHF tag product has been tested in several applications including retail logistics with long distance reading. Installation on metal surfaces e.g.Containers is done either with strong industrial adhesives or else with mechanical fasteners. The tags are equally designed for warehousing and asset tracking applications.
UHF RFID Hard Antimetal tag
ISO 18000 6C/6B ultra high frequency anti metal tag
Long read range UHF ABS anti-metal strips
ABS UHF Anti Metal RFID Tags & UHF Windshield Tag for car parking,Truck Tracking,vechile tracking

The long and short series of labels, designed for anti-metal reflection interference UHF band electronic tags. The electronic label can be installed on any medium surface (including metal), for example, can be used in: plastic, wood, glass, metal, plexiglass, cardboard boxes, and even liquid tanks and other applications. Can be widely used in data automation management of various fields. It is widely used in logistics and transportation, commodity item-level label, traffic management, patrol, and anti-theft, etc., which can be used for EPC world standard coding format logistics information tracking digital products.

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