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Rfid Bracelet

RFID Wristbands Get Popular for Easy Access Management
With the rapid development of RFID technology, RFID wristband is playing a more and more important role in efficient and secure access control as well as payment for miscellaneous applications, including events, festivals, amusement parks, hotels as well as bars and clubs.

In terms of event management or access control in festivals, using RFID wristband to manage access at events can deliver a variety of benefits to organizers and ticket-holders. Concretely speaking, adapting RFID technology to a security wristband gives organizations access to a world of possibilities, for example, precisely knowing how many people are in attendance and easily collecting data about individuals like name and contact information.

For wristband users, RFID wristbands help them to spend their time enjoying their venue instead of waiting in line, and at the same time, the contactless payment function of RFID wristband can eliminate transaction friction resulting in higher per capita spending and improve customer experience.

RFID Smart Bracelet Reduces Inflections in Hospitals
The Connecticut-based Danbury Hospital has implemented an RFID system for its child-related facilities in order to make sure the safety of newborns and reduce the risk of abductions.

The system, provided by Wisconsin-based RF Technologies, has been implemented on three floors of the hospital, including the family birthing and pediatric units.

The Safe Place Infant Security system uses water-proof, lightweight transmitters and the company’s Smart Sense technology in a band which attaches around an infant’s ankle.

With the RFID band, staff can monitor the infants using automated software. If a band is loose, tampered with or removed, the software will alert the staff. If an infant wearing a transmitter is in range of a monitored exit, the system can lock the doors and send out a potential security threat alert.

Amusement Park Implementing Smart Band(R) RFID Wristbands for Cashless Point-of-Sale
Hersheypark amusement park in Hershey, PA, implements Smart Band(R) RFID Wristband System of Precision Dynamics Corporation, a global leader in automatic wristband identification, (PDC) for cashless point-of-sale (POS) to enhance customers’ convenience and satisfaction as well as boost profits at the park.

Succeeded in a trail last season, a fully integrated cashless point-of-sale (POS) system was deployed in Hersheypark and PDC Smart Band(R) RFID wristbands were used on the opening day, May 4th, 2012. The new RFID cashless POS system is safe, convenient, and user-friendly. With Smart Band(R) RFID wristband, guests can make in-park purchases, check balances, and load additional funds onto their wristband at any of the park’s 200 RFID-enabled POS stations. Smart Band(R) RFID wristbands can be used in both dry park and water park areas, as they are waterproof.

Greg Cetera, RFID manager for Precision Dynamics Corporation, points out that, “RFID capabilities are already built into most POS software systems, so the conversion is seamless and cost-effective. The convenience factor for guests is a huge bonus since they no longer have to carry cash or access their locker for money to make purchases. Faster transactions and shorter lines equate to increased efficiency and time savings for guests, and greater ROI for the park.”

This is not the first time Hershey has employed RFID technology. Four years ago, Hersheypark implemented RFID-enabled lockers. Guests access by using PDC Smart Band(R) RFID wristbands. Based on the success of the current RFID installations, additional applications are being reviewed for use in the future.

Since the first Smart Band(R) RFID wristband installation over a decade ago, SCC’s RFID technology has helped many theme parks across the nation deliver a better guest experience while reaping significant bottom line benefits. Proven RFID wristband applications include social media integration, cashless payments, keyless lockers, electronic access control, photo management systems, and customer loyalty programs. In addition to Smart Band(R) wristbands, other innovative PDC RFID Solutions include SCC Smart(R) Cards, Key Fobs,Lanyards, and Parking Passes.

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